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UCEAP students studying abroad in Córdoba, Spain appear on the news for city-wide event

All the international students living and studying in Cordoba were invited to an event called "Abre el Azahar," which translates to "open the azahar flower." Cordoba is filled with orange trees, and come springtime all the orange blossoms, small white flowers called azahar, bloom and a sweet scent is spread all throughout the city. Springtime marks an important beginning for Cordoba.  It is not only when the azahar flower opens up but when Cordoba opens up for the world to come experience the liveliness of the season. During this time, there are many unique festivals, beautiful flowers are blooming in pots all around, and people open the doors of their homes for the Patios festival for anyone to see.  People are celebrate with friends and family in the public squares for the May Cross festival, and dress up and dance for the Feria.  In the springtime, Cordoba comes alive. 

Abre el Azahar was an event at the Palace of Orive in Cordoba, where students heard speakers including the mayor of Cordoba talk about the initiative. There were students from all over the globe, and UCEAP students took home envelopes with dried azahar flowers that still smelled sweet to send all over the world to families and loved ones. This was to symbolize Cordoba spreading around the world, opening up its doors for the whole world to come and experience it.

Watch UCEAP students being interviewed for the local news.  Read more about this story.  


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